Community Guidelines

OpenWings Circle (referred to as “The Platform” in this document) allows the registered users to interact with others users, create and consume user generated content and content from the Platform. The platform- OpenWings Circle is owned and operated by OpenWings Wellness Private Limited (the “Company”) which is a Private Limited Company. When the terms “we”, “us”, “our” or similar are used in this Agreement, they refer to the owners of the Platform.

In order to have healthy interaction among users of the Platform, we expect all the users to follow certain guidelines. 

In general, we want the discussions and interactions in a professional way, with no harm or intention of harm towards other users. The Platform reserves the right to take down inappropriate content and suspend or terminate the account posting such content without prior notice.

Hate Speech

The Platform does not allow any hateful message or content towards anyone- sex, nationality, level of education, disabilities etc 

Offensive content

Content which can be interpreted as offensive towards a particular group of society is not allowed. The Platform gives you power to express yourself. Do not misuse this power


Any content inciting or depicting violence, threat, mental harm, etc is not allowed

Obscene content

The Platform does not allow obscene content like pornography, paedophile, crime etc. 

Sexual Harassment

No means no and it works both ways. Do not pursue someone who does not talk to you. Any sexually suggestive jokes, body shaming, lewd comments, etc. are not allowed.

Fake news

Do not spread fake news. 


Users cannot indulge in marketing for their personal benefit on this platform.

We expect the users to behave professionally. Any severe violations may be reported to relevant Government authorities.